The inventor of the Fleshlight, needed something to help his masturbation techniques when his wife of 40 was pregnant with twins and her doctors put a “no sex’ ban in place. He put his imagination and sense of humor to good use and came up with the original Pink Lady. Since then millions of these items have sold world wide and many more models are available; although most men would agree, they enjoy their original Pink Lady the most. A sex toy for men which looks like a flashlight with a mouth, butt or vagina shaped opening, lined with a velvet-feel, flesh-like material!

Millions of men can’t be wrong and millions of men use this adult male toy to aid their masturbation techniques. This toy has changed the way men look at sex toys; you can take it wherever you go and use it whenever you want. Store it in the glove-box of your car, it looks like an ordinary flash light, then dip your cock in whenever you feel the need to come and don’t want to use your hand. And yes, you can come into this toy, as hard and as deep as you like.


Many good quality anal exploration toys for males are well designed – but you do have to be careful what you stick in there. Although it is great fun to explore that elusive Male G Spot with the right masturbation techniques, it is also important to note that not just any old item will do. Anything with sharp edges or rough bits will not stimulate the prostate so you can cum harder and send more spunk shooting sky high. There is a clear and present danger that shoddy workmanship or poor design on sex toys can tear the delicate lining of the rectum, cause problems or even get stuck. The Mangasm does not present any of these dangers!

Masturbation techniques using the right tools or toys will send you on a journey of sexual exploration – backed by an excellent reputation and a recognized brand. A bit like traveling by Land Rover into the dessert as apposed to a Chana; you know you will be safe! Masturbation by applying pressure to the prostate means that it swells while it produces more seminal fluid and it is this that causes exciting sensations as well as a great possibility for male multiple orgasm.


I wouldn’t consider masturbation to be a common everyday subject that most men talk about. In fact, if I know anything about guys, its that they don’t want to talk about jerking themselves off, they want to talk about the last girl that they had jerk them off. I understand that every guy has drought sessions- so to speak. You know those times when you go without real sex, and have no choice but to play with yourself; come on, I know plenty of guys that have been in this predicament.

Relationships used to make a difference when it came to masturbation. Most guys would do their best to avoid having to play with themselves, by playing with their partners. But, let’s face it, any married couple will tell you that sex can become burdensome when there are other things in the way. Sometimes you may want to pound your wife’s pussy as hard as you possibly can, but she may not be in the mood, or vise verse.

When you need to relieve some sexual tension, you can always turn your attention towards masturbation. I’m not talking about pulling out your hand and jerking your cock up and down, I’m talking about allowing an outside object fulfill all of your sexual urges. The Tera Patrick Swallow can definitely help you relieve some tension on those womanless nights.

Masturbation Techniques To Use With The Tera Patrick Swallow Fleshlight

Before I allow you to stick your cock deep inside of the Tera Patrick Swallow Fleshlight, you need to learn to appreciate this toy for what its worth. This toy was made from an actual mold of the porn stars mouth. The interior surface of the toy was made with a “Swallow Pattern”, to make it feel like you are receiving a blowjob from this porn star seductress. If you don’t instantly get hard over the thought that a realistic mold of a seductive porn stars mouth is going to be on your cock, then you do not have a pulse.

The Tera Patrick Swallow Fleshlight can be used during your masturbation sessions to intensify your orgasms. The toy has aesthetic appeal and sexual appeal. There are a lot of different masturbation techniques that you can engage in while using this toy during your sexually driven masturbation sessions. The design of the toy makes it possible to maneuver the toy in many different ways that appeal to you.

Not every guy is built the same way with the same desires and feelings. But, one thing I do know is regardless of how you’re built, there are two areas on your body that you want satisfied. The head of your cock and the shaft of your cock are these two primary areas. Guys are always trying to stick their cocks into things, so why not stick your cock into something you are going to enjoy?

I had my husband try out a few different masturbation techniques with the Tera Patrick Swallow to get an idea of what other guys can do when using the toy. One thing I will tell you is the more spontaneous you are when using the Tera Patrick Swallow Fleshlight, the better your orgasms will be.

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