Special Masturbation Techniques to Help You Experience a Prolonged Orgasm

by admin on October 5, 2011

When I heard that I was going to have to do a personal review of the Mangasm Edge the first thing that came to my mind was what type of masturbation techniques I’m going to have to make my husband do in order to experience an intense orgasm. The Mangasm Edge is a prostate stimulator that is designed for anal play.

The toy has vibrating capabilities, which will enhance your orgasm tend fold. Along the bottom section of the prostate stimulator there is a perineum stimulation tab. The perineum is the area between a male’s balls and asshole. Most men ignore this area, but when it is stimulated you will feel a burst of cum shoot out of the head your cock. If you’re searching for an intense orgasm, then the Mangasm Edge has got what you need.

But, before I put my foot in my mouth, I had to have my husband try this toy out for himself. Since I’m the one that was asked to review the toy, the only thing I could do while my husband was lost in euphoria is tell him what different masturbation techniques I wanted him to try in order to complete my review.

The first masturbation technique that I had my husband try out with this super intense prostate stimulator was a basic lay down technique. We made out way to the bedroom, where he applied lube to the outer surface of the toy, and around his anus. He slowly started inserting the toy into his anus, until every inch of the toy was buried.

After the toy was in a comfortable spot, he turned the vibrating sensors on. The vibrations of the toy were so intense; he didn’t even bother to pay attention to his hard cock that was waiting to play. Fearing that he would cum soon, I had him change up his masturbation techniques so he could relay to me which technique felt better.

The new techniques that I had him do involve him getting down on all fours and placing the stimulator into his anus. Of course, I was very gentle. While the toy was vibrating against his prostate gland, I laid down beneath him on my back, and started licking and sucking on his cock. The feeling was so intense, that I had to scoot myself out of the way to avoid him squirting his cum into my eyes.

Use Solo Or Couple Masturbation Techniques With The Mangasm Edge

These two masturbation techniques will work for any guy that decides to use the Mangasm Edge for prostate stimulation. Of course, if you are going solo or masturbating with your partner you can always add your own unique style on the types of techniques that you practice.

I suggest experimenting with the Mangasm Edge in order to determine what masturbation techniques you like best. My personal experience with the Mangasm Edge was fairly pleasing. I was able to watch my man shoot his load all over the place, and be a part of the experience. If you want to know what it feels like to have an intense orgasm that seems to last forever, the Mangasm Edge is the toy that you need to experience this type of euphoric sensation.

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