The Best Male Masterbation Techniques for the Fleshlight

by admin on May 9, 2010

All right, so to pull off these male masterbation techniques, you’re going to need a Fleshlight. What’s the Fleshlight, you ask? It’s only the best selling male sex toy on the market. It’s got real feeling skin and you can choose your favorite internal texture, from tight like a virgin to ribbed for your pleasure.

Anyway, let’s talk male masterbation techniques. The one problem that the Fleshlight has is that it isn’t as warm or wet as a real pussy. There’s an easy way to solve this problem, though. Get some lotion like you might normally use for lube. Stick in the microwave for just a couple of seconds (test it with your finger, and remember that your dick is a lot more sensitive). That should warm it up nicely. Now you can just rub your cock down with it, and maybe even put a little bit inside the Fleshlight. Now you’re ready for an even more realistic sensation. This is the ultimate male masterbation technique – you’ll never need a woman again.

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