Creative masterbation techniques

by admin on October 28, 2009

Here are some creative masterbation techniques you can practice and enjoy when no one else is around.

Preaching from the pulpit

This masterbation technique should not be taken as invitation to pull your pecker out in the pews on Sunday. Absolutely not! Simply masterbate in any way comfortable, but poke your cock through a pair of shorts and pull down on the bottom of the fabric so that the top of the opening causes pressure on the top and base of your cock. This method will simulate the effects of a penis-ring, except with more mobility.

Doing the dining table

Do not attempt this masterbation technique when Granny is round for Thanksgiving, it’s not going to go down at all well. Brace your penis between yourself and a fixed object such as the dining table. Be sure to use your hips and pelvis to create most of the motion and rock yourself to a rousing climax.

Headless chicken

This masterbation technique works very well when you haven’t
masterbated in a couple of days. You are not required to run around like a headless chicken. Start spanking your monkey in any way comfortable. When  you are about to come, stop for a few seconds.  When you start up again, just concentrate on  jerking off your shaft. Avoid the temptation of stroking the head of the penis. See how close you can get the fingers to the head without actually blowing your load.

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